Friday Favorites

I have been loving The Skimm for months now. It’s a daily email with bit-size but informative pieces of what’s going on in the world that you should know about. Get the news in a fraction of the time, yes please!

The Lorna Jane blog, I feel like I can spend hours on this site, there’s so much great content and inspiration. I haven’t tried out Lorna Jane clothing yet but I really feel like I should.

Starbucks’ new caramel flan latte. Ok, I haven’t had this yet but I just might have one today for a Friday treat. Specialty lattes from Starbucks are outrageously high in sugar, but I think I need to make an exception.

This ITB video demonstrating exercises to strengthen muscles if you’re having ITB issues. I’ve been through physical therapy twice now for ITB (lucky me) and almost all of these exercises were prescribed to me daily. As always, everyone has their own methods and unique muscle imbalances, so listen to your body first and foremost if you try these exercises out.

This preview for Muppets Most Wanted which aired during the Golden Globes on Sunday. It still makes me laugh, stellar marketing. I HAVE to see this movie now.

Have plans to watch football this weekend? There are some pretty high-stakes games scheduled from what I hear. Jessica from How Sweet It Is has got you covered on all of the best football food recipes.