Hi there! My name is Cassie. I’m a 20-something full-time working girl and part-time MBA student living in New England, just outside of Boston, Massachusetts.

I like to run. I’ve always been an active and healthy person ever since I was a kid. I began running in high school as part of the track and cross country teams. In college I began to explore individual racing, it started with a 10k, a lot of 5ks, and then after graduating I registered for my first half marathon. Running and I have been going steady ever since. I’m an amateur runner but I do love competition, bring it on!

Why blog? The past few years I’ve found myself increasingly reading more and more blogs. It started with food blogs, it spread to running blogs, and I thought it was time to take my own shot at blogging. I love inspiring others to get into running and other fitness fun by sharing my own adventures and if anything, this will help me stay accountable with my workouts (I can’t really blog about running if I don’t, uh, run!).

Thank you for stopping by! Check out some of my running and life stories, and share some of your own!

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