Pre-Marathon Reflections

This is going to have to be a two-part piece since my last post was forever ago!

While starting to taper before the marathon a few weeks ago, I reflected on how well and injury-free I felt and what specifically I would attribute that to. The answer for me was almost immediate: regular yoga and graston treatments.

This was the first time I went through marathon training using yoga as my method of weekly cross training. I feel like I was not only able to advance my practice more, but I was able to stretch and work on strength training regularly which helped with my running recovery and injury prevention. I’ve always been a big advocate of practicing yoga, but this was the first time it was incorporated so heavily into my marathon training and I LOVED it!

I’ve injured my left IT band twice and my right IT band once, since then they’ve always prone to tightness (which can quickly lead to injury). So to be proactive and combat this, I decided to seek out graston treatments. Graston is something I’ve mentioned on this blog before and it’s something I initially discovered through physical therapy sessions when I was injured in the past. My personal experience with graston has been wonderful; it gets all of the “junk” out of my IT bands and has left me with no IT band issues this entire marathon training cycle. Don’t be fooled though – graston itself doesn’t feel great, it’s an intense treatment so make sure you’re careful if you’re considering it. I received graston treatments every 1-2 weeks at the beginning of training, and then again towards the end of my training leading up to the Chicago Marathon and it worked really well for me.

Overall those two activities helped out my marathon training immensely (in addition to all of those miles logged) and led me into my taper for Chicago feeling really good and ready to go. Next up was the Chicago Marathon (part two covering the race the follow!)

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