Running With (or Without) Music

For the past few years, I’ve always needed to listen to music for any run over 4 miles. I loved my playlist and refreshed it whenever I felt the need. New songs would get me amped up and old favorites would reignite positive memories from previous runs and races.

Then, the strangest thing happened about 8 weeks ago. I went out for a training run and had no desire to listen to music. None. Instead I put on my Garmin and ran my miles. And I liked it. I did it again the next day, and the day after that. Then I went out for my 12 mile long run that week with no music, and I liked that too. Since that week I went cold turkey with my running music and haven’t looked back yet!

My hope is that this will continue and I’ll be able to run the Chicago Marathon sans music. Since I just went on an 18 mile run this past weekend without it, I think I have a pretty solid shot. There are still two distinct groups of runners, those that listen to music and those that do not.

Do you like to run with or without music? How come? Have you ever switched sides?

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