Gym Etiquette – Don’t Be “That Person”

It’s January, which means we are in the thick of New Year’s resolutions and jam-packed gyms. I’m all for the uptick in gym members. You have to start somewhere and January is a good time to take the first step and commit to a gym!

That being said, there are unspoken gym rules that new gym-goers (and honestly some not-so-new gym-goers) may not realize until it’s too late. So I wanted to share with you my list of tips for proper gym etiquette. Here we go:

1) Respect the equipment, use it the way it’s meant to be used.

2) Always wipe down your machine after using it. Would you want to touch someone else’s sweat? I didn’t think so.

3) Put your mats/equipment/weights away after you’re done. No one should have to clean up after you, you’re an adult.

4) Don’t talk on your phone. Don’t do it. If you have to take a call, make it brief. If it needs to be longer, it can wait. No one, and I mean no one, wants to hear your phone conversation. If you put your phone on speaker, just leave the gym. You’re done for the day.

5) Don’t stare at other people. You don’t want to be known as a gym creep.

6) Wear deodorant. This is a win-win for you and everyone around you. Conversely, take it easy with the perfume and cologne.

7) Be friendly and helpful. If someone asks you a question about a piece of equipment or an exercise, help them out if you can. If you have a question, there’s sure to be someone around willing to help you too.

8) Be conscious and courteous of those around you.

9) Thank the instructor at the end of a class, assuming you liked it (and then see #3).

10) Enjoy yourself! You’re getting healthier, you’re releasing endorphins, and you’re working towards your goals! Go you!


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