Friday Favorites

French vanilla coffee beans from Boston Common Coffee Co. that were in my stocking for Christmas. So good!

This dialectic quiz from the New York Times. Spot on accuracy! I’m such a New Englander.

I’m reviving my love for The First Wives Club today. It’s on Netflix, go watch it. Because sistas are doing it for themselves.

Spoiler alert: this is totally going to be my New Year’s Eve yankee swap gift. Sorry in advance.

This mac n’ cheese recipe. I haven’t made it yet but it looks like creamy deliciousness. Anything Joy Wilson touches (or cooks) is gold in my book.

I’ve taken a break from running this week and have taken up a new hobby: eating lots of Chinese food. I promise to get back on track with posts next week! I hope your Christmas was filled with laughter and Santa brought everything you asked for!

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