Running Around Seattle

Any time I travel I always pack my sneakers and at least one set of running clothes. I think getting to run in different locations is a treat for me, it’s a chance to change up my normal running routine, have new scenery, and explore a new city or location on foot.

I’ve spent most of this week in Seattle, WA for work and am actually writing this post in the airport while waiting to board my red-eye back to the east coast. Before I write anything else I have to share that the only, as in there are no others in the US, Butter nail salon is located in the Seattle/Tacoma International Airport. Hello, pedicure. That in itself is a reason to visit this great state. Anyways, I digress.

Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market

This was my first visit to Seattle and hopefully it won’t be my last. I’ve had a great time exploring Pike Place, eating at different restaurants, touring the underground (side note: did you know that Seattle actually built up the land that it is on today and there are building structures and sidewalks beneath ground level? I didn’t, this fascinated me), and running around the city. With a busy work schedule I only got one run in during my last morning here in the city but let me tell you – Seattle is THE place for your hill workouts. I ran along 1st avenue south and if you know that street you know that immediately to one side you have a steep incline, I honestly wonder how cars driving down are able to stop, and to the other side you have a steep decline. I created a “game” while running which essentially had me running up and down these steep short hills. I’m not sure if “game” is the right word, maybe more like self-induced torture? Anyways, it was a killer workout for the short mileage.

Do you make it a priority to run or workout in different locations when you travel? What has been your favorite location so far? (Mine is Paris!)

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