Battling Running Boredom

I typically run 4-6 days each week, totaling 25-40+ miles. One of the most common questions I get about running so often and so far is, “don’t you get bored?” It’s surprisingly rare that I do, but if I spend the entire time thinking about how far I have to go until I’m done and how I don’t want to be running, then boredom is sure to set in immediately. And that happens sometimes too, always on shorter runs which for some reason I think should only take me 5 minutes and I’m always letdown when they don’t. Long runs are different. On long runs there’s plenty of time to let your mind wander. You’d be surprised with what you can come up with. Think about the fun plans you have later that night, the scenery around you, your pace, passing the person in front of you, or start doing math with your distance and time, that’s always fun.

I find that music helps too. I tell people that I go through phases with listening and not listening to music but I’ve been on a music phase for over a year now. I’m clearly in denial. Music definitely helps on long runs for two reasons, for one, you can have songs that give you an emotional kick. Is the guy you’re dating being a jerk? Did a friend do something totally awesome? Let it fuel you, and certain songs can help trigger that. Another reason music helps is sometimes you’re on a long grueling run and you just need something to pump you up and give you the extra boost to get it done, and a good beat can help out. Of courseeeee, if all else fails, you can just spend your time thinking about what kind of cupcake you want to get immediately after finishing your run. That’s sure to keep you occupied.

What do you think about while running to keep from getting bored?


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