Fall is Coming

We are starting to get our first real taste of fall weather in New England and I couldn’t be happier! It’s such a relief to know that this heat, and more so this humidity, is going to calm down finally. Fall is my favorite season for so many reasons. Football is finally back, pumpkin everything is back (especially pumpkin beer and pumpkin coffee), baking season is gearing up, and best of all – fall running is back.

I love running this time of year for two reasons: the scenery with the leaves changing makes for some amazing views and the temperature is ideal for running. Can I be a total runner geek for a moment? Ok, confession, I have a road that I love to run specifically in the fall because of how pretty it is. I can’t be the only runner who gets excited by a certain road, right? Right?? But this road, it’s narrow and hilly and is surrounded by trees and at one point there’s a view out onto a lake. It’s absolutely amazing to run down, I just take it all in. I’m telling you, the fall season is where it’s at, there’s a reason why most races are this time of year!

last fall during a run on my favorite road

What’s your favorite season for running? Or favorite season in general?


2 thoughts on “Fall is Coming

  1. Summer, without a doubt. I love all the pumpkin goodness in the fall, and I definitely need to wrap my head around the fact that fall is in fact happening right now. But I’m a beach bum, and I love the 85 and humid days of summer.

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