Inspiring Running Video

I have a video today to share with you. It’s a video of a 600m race at a collegiate indoor track championship in 2008.  If you’ve never seen this before, take a minute today to watch it and make sure you watch the whole thing. It’s less than 3 minutes long but captures everything that running (and I’m sure other things) is about – never ever giving up even when it seems like there’s no hope of accomplishing your goals. It gives me goose bumps every time I watch it and is one of my all-time favorite YouTube videos. Enjoy!
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MCM Training Update

This past weekend I went on my first ever 20 mile run. 20 miles folks. 2-0. It’s still a little surreal to me. I decided at the last minute to move my long run up a day early to have better weather and I’m so glad that I did. On Friday I went to the store to pick up some fuel – this worth mentioning because this is the first time I’ve ever fueled during a run. I’ve taken Gatorade and water but never anything more than that. So I bought some Clif Bar Shot Bloks, Honey Stingers, and nuun tablets.


electrolyte party!

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Battling Running Boredom

I typically run 4-6 days each week, totaling 25-40+ miles. One of the most common questions I get about running so often and so far is, “don’t you get bored?” It’s surprisingly rare that I do, but if I spend the entire time thinking about how far I have to go until I’m done and how I don’t want to be running, then boredom is sure to set in immediately. And that happens sometimes too, always on shorter runs which for some reason I think should only take me 5 minutes and I’m always letdown when they don’t. Long runs are different. On long runs there’s plenty of time to let your mind wander. You’d be surprised with what you can come up with. Think about the fun plans you have later that night, the scenery around you, your pace, passing the person in front of you, or start doing math with your distance and time, that’s always fun.
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Race Recap | Allstate Boston 13.1 Half Marathon

The Allstate Boston 13.1 half marathon was this past weekend. I ran this race last year, so I had a sense of what I would be working with. My overall impressions last year were that this race was organized very well and getting in and out of the race site was very easy, the course was on a super flat road along the ocean which can be pretty, yes, but I personally found it more boring. After running along the water (which makes up the bulk of the course), there were a couple of trails that definitely weren’t big enough to accommodate the number of runners trying to get through, but overall a good race. I’ve never repeated a half marathon race before, but the timing  was right this year to get a half in as part of marathon training and this race worked out for my training schedule.
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Marine Corps Marathon Training

I’ve been training since July for my very first marathon – the Marine Corps Marathon on October 27th. It has certainly been a journey so far, beginning with the race registration process. I think I’d rather run a full marathon than have to go through such a stressful race registration again! Why did I pick MCM as my first marathon? It’s flat (that part was essential), it has a great reputation, the route goes by many DC monuments and sites, and it doesn’t hurt that Marines are waiting at the finish line to hand out the medals. I especially don’t hate that last part.
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Fall is Coming

We are starting to get our first real taste of fall weather in New England and I couldn’t be happier! It’s such a relief to know that this heat, and more so this humidity, is going to calm down finally. Fall is my favorite season for so many reasons. Football is finally back, pumpkin everything is back (especially pumpkin beer and pumpkin coffee), baking season is gearing up, and best of all – fall running is back.
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Well, I did it. I started a blog. I’ve thought about it for a little while now but it’s time to put my ideas into action and I’m super excited! I’m hoping that this blog will be an entertaining place where I can share my thoughts on running, training, products I love, (mostly) healthy eating, and life in general. Looking forward I’d also love to showcase some of my amazing runner friends out there!
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